Hugo Alvarez


Hugo has always been passionate about health & nutrition. From early years he became active in his community playing soccer, and his love for Sports grew into his adolescent years. In High School he was part of the soccer team, track & field, baseball and also served in minor roles as part of the wrestling and football team.

He was very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to play Soccer his first two years in Burlington County College and later on in his College career developed a love and appreciation for the game of basketball.

Hugo’s passion and dedication towards health and nutrition go on and off the field as well. Working alongside, Lucero, he has been able to spread awareness of better health to those that surround him. He has seen how friends and family better their health daily and have overcome health conditions by finding a consistent balance with their nutrition & exercise. Many have accomplished goals such as weight loss, lowered their blood pressure, reduce or eliminate medications, and create a healthier quality of life.  

One of Hugo’s noticeable health accomplishments happened this year 2017. In the process of learning more about health and nutrition, he was able to lose 15 pounds in a span of two months. As he continues to learn about the importance of nutrition on the journey to a healthier lifestyle his goal is to help create conscience in people that your health matters, you are important and this world needs you and what you can offer, with a better health you can help change the world, and your voice needs to be heard.


Credentials: Burlington County College AS Health & Sciences                        BS “work in progress”

Certifications: ISMA/AAA Personal Trainer “Work in Progress”

Work experience:  Feel Rejuvenated, LLC    (2016 until present)

Athletic Personal Trainer

Hugo has been working alongside with Lucero for over a year now, his commitment towards health, nutrition and sports have taken of to a new level.