Teddy Hurtares

Hello my name is Teddy Hurtares

I got into the nutrition movement about 25 years ago, since most of my family members and myself were overweight, I quickly realized that when I gained weight I would diet and lose the weight and gain it back that’s when I realized that dieting is a (energetic) lifestyle and not a diet only.

I opened a 100% Organic Restaurant and had to close because people don’t prioritize what they eat and with the knowledge I’ve acquired during my life, I want to use it to help people better their lives.

I further researched and also realized that a lot of illness are caused by negative emotions and started working on my emotions and my goals that’s when I encountered a fabulous Seminar Caminos.org  

Here you will work on your Goals, Leadership and emotions because in order to acquire Goals you need to let go of the negative past.

I challenge you to make positive changes in your life to make a better you, a lot of people wish but they don’t act, start making changes today and better your life.