Green Juice or Green Smoothie

What is the difference?

Green juices are made with the help of a juice extractor and they do not contain water. It is the pure extract of vegetables and perhaps fruit.

On the other hand, the smoothie is prepared in a blender. It has water in it and may or may not contain milk.

However, this is not all, there are other differences between these healthy elixirs that go beyond the machines with which they are prepared.

A green juice contains only the nutrients in the liquid of the ingredients with which it is made; thanks to the fact that it separates the pulp and therefore, the fiber from the ingredients. Without all the fiber, our digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard to break down food and absorb nutrients. In fact, it makes nutrients more available to the body in much greater amounts than if we were to eat whole fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, with smoothies, the ingredients are liquified without separating the pulp, including all the fiber from the mixed fruits and vegetables.

It is advisable to prepare fresh green juice at home to avoid excess sugars and ensure that vegetables are the number one ingredient. Also, the enzymes in the vegetables will remain intact! And it should be consumed hopefully within 15 minutes.

The next question would be, Which is healthier?

They both offer health benefits and seek to provide nutrients to our body. Both are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and are made from green vegetables and fruits. Among its multiple benefits is the great energy it gives us, along with mental clarity, suppresses cravings, strengthens our immune system, improves the appearance of our skin, and reduces wrinkles.

Also, green juice and smoothies provide a high chlorophyll content, which promotes good digestion and detoxifies the liver. And they help to oxygenate the blood  that is transported throughout the body. This is thanks to the fact that its main ingredients, as its name indicates, are green.

We  know that these juices and smoothies are alkaline, reduce inflammation and help prevent serious health conditions.

Additional benefits of both green juices and smoothies:

·         Provide cardiovascular support

·         Help keep the skin  healthy

·         Lower cholesterol

·         Supports the immune system

·         May help maintain blood pressure

If you have a juice extractor, use it and take advantage of the immediate absorption along with the other benefits mentioned. If you have cancer and you are receiving chemotherapy, the concentrated juice without pulp or fiber will be the best option.

If you don’t have a juice extractor then use a powerful blender. I use a Vitamix and it is powerful enough to give me the perfect consistency for my smoothie. I trust you now have enough information for you to decide how to prepare your green juices or green smoothies. And like me, you can begin to enjoy all the wonderful benefits throughout the day.