Green Smoothie

This green smoothie is phenomenal because not only does it contain all the characteristics of a super anti-inflammatory and alkaline green smoothie, but it also has probiotics due to the scobys I add from from the kombucha.

If possible, all organic, since we are cleaning our body and if we have pesticides, then it nullifies the benefit.


4 bunches of spring mix (there are about 14 lettuces here and green and purple leafy cabbage)

1 cup carrot

1.5 inches ginger

3 celery sticks

1 small piece of green lemon with zest

5 tablespoons of hemp seeds

2 oz fiber (if you don’t have fiber use 2 organic green apples)

2 to 3 kombucha scobys

4 sprigs of fresh mint

Water according to desired consistency


In a powerful (vitamix) place all the ingredients and Voila, you will have the most spectacular green smoothie you have ever had in your life.