Here is an easy way to improve your inmune system and overall health: Oat Milk, full plant based protein!

Food for our Microbiome, making our own probiotics at home. Lucero of teach Sonia and Sylvia how to make them easy and safe.

Would you like to improve your Digestion System, Optimize your Immune System, Reduce Lactose Intolerance Symptoms, Detoxify your body, Supress H. Pylori, and Decrease Arthritis Symptoms? These are just a few of the multiples benefits you will receive. Every minute spent in making fermented vegetables will give you years of Optimal Health. You Deserved.

Would you like to live over 100 years? Prepare this simple recipe with just 2 ingredients!

Did you know that purple vegetables, fruits, and grains will improve our memory, heart, vision, and micribiome? Let’s consume them within our rainbow dish!

Karleet and Lucero of Energetic Lifestyles explain how we can obtain complete protein from plant food base.


Lucero of Energetic Lifestyles describes the awesome benefits of KEFIR and demonstrates how to make it at home.



Mango, Kiwi & Chia Seeds Parfait
Lucero and Brayddy of Energetic Lifestyles create a delicious mango, kiwi and chia seeds parfait. This video is in Spanish.